As the name suggests, INFRANIX is a team of enthusiastic people who are always ready to take up challenges and then come up with winning solutions. INFRANIX is best defined as energetic, amiable, focused and passionate. We are a team of strong technical professionals to provide quality IT Solution.

Our strong teamwork, dedication , and collective efforts have led us to bring out the best skills in each other as IT professionals. We persistently share ideas with each other, making the final product one that reflects everyone's contribution in each phase of its development. Our team believes in putting together individual efforts so as to give a best quality end-product.

We freely allow our professionals to generate friendly working atmosphere, and we do so while still retaining professional work ethic. This ultimately makes all the difference as our passions become reflected in our products, and our clients become enthused about our work. Our team consists of professionals who have significant experience of Mobile Application Development, Game Development, Graphic & Multimedia, Web Development, E-Commerce solutions, ERP, CRM and SEO etc.